Saturday, November 24, 2007


Here are some not so recent pictures of Brielle. But as you can see she still has the Ripley family chunky rolls. Check out the bottom pic!!!! Can you count how many she has? She is only bigger now. At her 2 month check up she was 14 lbs. 11 oz! She laughed today for the first time, and I mean really laughed. Not some chuckle, but full out rolling laughter! With all her rolls she still can't roll over yet, but she is getting there! Zoe continues to smother her with kisses and is a great big sister and helper to Mom. (Sometimes too much help.) :)

Halloween Pics

Happy Late Halloween! Here are some pictures from our various Halloween excursions. Zoe was a princess for Halloween, and Brielle was just a baby in a cute outfit. Unfortunately all her outfits were/are back home in storage. But we all had fun. Her friend Lindsay in the top left corner is in her mom's official dress from Spain that she wore when she was a little girl. Very cool we all thought. Brielle is being held by Lana and Anna. Zoe is playing with Anna and the hoola hoop and then her and Denim are sharing a some candy in the bottom right pic.

Zoe's First Birthday Party!

Hooray! Zoe turned 3 years old! And to celebrate she had her first official friends birthday party!! Mom had a bunch of stuff planned, but the kids had other ideas. After bracelets were made, the kids just wanted to play with each other. And play they did! Her friends at the party included: Bella, Anna, Ruby, Olivia, Aliana, & Lindsay. Zoe can't wait till next year when she can have another party!