Wednesday, October 22, 2008


5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Playing School Soccer
2. Dating
3. In my Junior Year of High School
4. Working at Dairy Queen
5. Hanging out and making trouble with my sisters!

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Clean House
2. Go to Stacies for Play Date
3. Figure out and make something for dinnner
4. Laundry
5. Shower

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. chips and salsa
2. fruit and marshmellow dip
3. candy ( pb m&m's, almond joy, choc covered almonds)
4. strawberries
5. brownies

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Pay off all debt
2. Build Dream House
3. Buy Zach's parents something big
4. Help my mom
5. Go on Huge Vacation with all my sisters and family

5 places I have lived:
1. West Richland, WA
2. Rexburg, ID
3.Spokane/Cheney, WA
4. Burbank, WA
5. Las Vegas, NV

5 jobs I have had:
1. Babysitter
2. Dairy Queen
3. Orthodontic Assist
4. Dental Assist
5. Dental Hygienist

5 people I tag:
1. Tashina
2. Kristine
3. Celeste
4. Sarah V.
5. Stacie

Monday, October 20, 2008

Reading Mr. Beast!!!

One of Zoe's favorite books to read ( well memorize and then read to herself) is Mr. Beast!!! She was reading it for like the third time out loud and thought I would test my sneakiness skills again. It worked, kinda, she caught me about half-way through, but still finished the story. It's just less dramatic now that she knew she had an audience. My favorite parts are when she elongates some of the words and shouts others. FYI: Some of the words are sound effects ie: "Whomp" and "Shuffle, Rumble, Grunt". So good luck understanding some of it, but it's still cute. :) I highly recommend this book to anyone, it's super cute!


Here is just yet another example of how Brielle and Zoe are attached at the hip. Well, more like Brielle to Zoe, but you get the idea. Zoe and Brielle love to sit and read together. Many times it is not this peaceful however, so I had to snap some photos while the sharing lasted! My favorite is the middle pic. :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Handbag Planet!

I saw this on Danielle's website and I thought it was a cool idea! Who doesn't need a new cute purse! Just go to the website below and register to win a free handbag! They are giving one away every hour!

A Precious Moment

This is one of those moments that you just LOVE being a mom. Brielle had gotten up at 6 am that day and didn't take her usual 30 min catch up nap she usually takes when she's up that early. We were gone most of the morning running errands and going on a play date so we didn't get home until close to 1 pm. I got Brielle her lunch, and then went to make Zoe's lunch and start a movie for her...I came back into the kitchen and discovered this. I don't think she has EVER been so tired she falls asleep in her high chair. Usually she just gets extra cranky and I have to rock her to sleep. I laughed out loud when I saw this! Zoe was VERY concerned, she said " Mama, you can't put Brielle to sleep in her high chair! She needs to go to her bed!" Ah, the things kids do and say!

Gettin' Cozy

Here is one of the many things I LOVE about Zoe. She loves to get "cozy". Many times when she hasn't had a nap she just wants to cuddle up in a blanket and watch...of all old movie with mamma. ( Her current favorite is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!!!) And of course wherever ZOE is guess who's not far behind? Brielle...she has to be wherever Zoe is. Zoe si very patient(most of the time) and lets Brielle crawl all over her. :) I just think they are so cute together.

New Kicks

Grammie was super nice and sent all the grandkids some $$$$ for any necessities they might need. We got Brielle some shoes..which was much more difficult than we thought to do. ( She has the fattest feet!!!!!) Anyways...she thinks they are pretty spiffy. Here are some pics of her taking them for a test drive.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tashina's Mini Me

(Sorry Tashina, but it's true.) My little Brielle LOVES to throw fits like Tashina did when she was little. The famous thing about Tashina's fits is the full body involvement, and here is a classic example of my daughter performing a classic Tashina fit. P.S. The only thing we told her was "no" and get off the table. The following video is of what happened immediately following removal from the table. The good news is, if my girls turn out like Tashina when they grow up, it will be worth it. She is an awesome sister and GREAT Auntie!!! WE love you Sheener!

Our Stubborn Big Girl!

This is a video of Brielle eating ZOE's dinner. We had the EXACT same thing on Brielle's high chair, with a kiddie fork and she wouldn't touch it! Zoe gets down and Brielle hops up there and starts using a big girl fork and trying to stab some ham. When Zach and I try to help her she gets very upset. She is one independent girl that's for sure. Here is a video, we show her eating, and the food left on her high chair, and then me trying to help her and how upset she gets. Nothing too exciting, but I had to laugh. You would think I would understand by now that OBVIOUSLY this plate of food is WAY different than the food on her plate. ( yea...right.) P.S. if you listen closely you can hear Zoe laughing and telling Zach that she just "tooted" on him. ( We raise such proper ladies.)