Monday, September 15, 2008

Tan Lines

Zach thinks this picture is hilarious. Unfortunately you can't see it that well, but it's a picture of Brielle's tan lines. She has the strap line tan, and then if you look above her diaper just a little bit theres a dark circle. Kinda hard to see, but still funny. Zoe has an even bigger tan, but we would've had to put up a pic of her white, white booty!!!, And I just think she's getting a little too old for that. ( Already!!! :()

Ogre in the House!

So Zoe wanted Zach to play "Scary in the Temple" with her one day and I managed to catch the tail end of it on video. The just of the game is Daddy roars real loud while Zoe is in the "temple" and she pretends to be scared or to talk trash back to him. I was downstairs doing the dishes and Zach decided to put a little spin on it this time. He was an OGRE, and they were both saying some REALLY funny things. Unfortunatly I only got the tail end of it, and when they all figured out that they were being filmed they got shy. ( I tried to be sneaky, but it didn't work.) So here is a small taste of our weird games we make up and play in our house!


I had to post these pics because Grammie made these cute dresses for Zoe and Brielle and I just love them!! Brielle obviously isn't happy about getting her picture taken, but you get the jest of it I hope! CUTENESS!!!

Brielle Turns ONE!!!

So I can't believe that my baby girl is ONE already!!! We actually celebrated her birthday on Aug. 30, because she didn't take a nap on her birthday and she crashed at like 7 pm. I think Zoe was more excited than she was. Brielle must have got "Happy Birthday" sung to her like 20 times that day by Zoe. I think Brielle's favorite part was the cupcakes, Zoe's favorite part was all the puzzles from Grammie. (She thinks they are for her. ) As you can tell we did cupcakes this year because I was tired of my double layer cakes not turning out. ( Ask Tashina, she saw Zoe's two year old cake. DISASTER!!!!) So we did chocolate cupcakes in her room colors! Thank you everybody who spoiled her and sent her cards and presents. It was very nice and she loved them all! We wish we could've celebrated with everybody, but we are counting downt he days till...THANKSGIVING actually when we get to see a lot of family!