Sunday, April 29, 2012

So I sometimes feel like I make my kids miss out on things, because Zach has to study and I really don't want to tackle "big outings" by myself.  Wrangling three kids, and lets face it...kale doesn't ever sit and stay still.  But my friend Amber Basting told me I should really take the kids to Ag Fest in Salem.  So I did...we got up early...ok so it was only 6:30 am, but on a saturday that's early for me, and I got everything ready for the trip, including packing our lunch, all the girls soccer gear (Because we had to leave by noon so we could make it back in time for their games)  and soccer treats because of course it was my turn for both teams this week...  and off we went for the 45 min drive to Salem for Ag Fest, not quite knowing what to expect.  But I'm so glad that we went!!! The kids got to ride ponies, pet all sorts of farm animals, including a 2 month old baby lamb named strawberry.  The two girls got to hold a bunny, they got their facepainted, held baby chicks, planted AND brought home pumpkin, tomatoe, sunflower, marigold, and green pepper plants.  Plus Kale got to see TONS of huge tractors, dig for potatoes and play in a kiddie pool of what and another of dried corn.  After riding the horses Zoe REALLY REALLY wanted to have her own horse and said when she got home she was going to ask Dad if she could raise one.  I told her most likely Dad would say no...( for numerous reasons) and she said, that's ok, I'll just ask Grandma! :) BAHAHAHA!   And Miss Brielle was in heaven.  She LOVES animals. Her favorites had to be the bunnies, the puppies, but most of all the baby chicks.  Brand new, fluffy yellow fuzziness...I swear if I wasn't watching she would have tucked one in her pocket and walked away with one.  Guess what she asked Daddy for when she got home?  ( I think that got a faster NO, then the horses...)  She has yet to figure out to ask guess is Grandpa would be next on her list...we'll see.  Kale had SOOOO much fun...he loved to  look at all the animals,,,but his favorite was all the big machinery...particularly the tractors.  He has never said tractor or cow...and he repeated those words ALL day yesterday!  All in all it was a really busy...but really fun day for the Ripley's.  Very glad I made the effort and really glad that the kids had a good time.  I think we will even go next year! :)

 This week was a big week for the Ripley Family...this weekend, BOTH Zoe and Brielle scored goals in their soccer game...and Zoe's team even won!!!  I haven't been able to post pics of her yet, so here are some pics from her game.  She is quite the little soccer player...she's more agressive, learning field position and running HARD!  Zach and I both LOVE to go and watch her play.  ( I am still learning to tone down the yelling....)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Zoe's Funny Moment of the Day:     So today I got released as 1st counselor in the primary presidency and put in as secretary in the R.S. presidency. ( AHHHH! I'm freaking out!)  It was bittersweet, I've really enjoyed my calling and LOVED being with the girls more, but I worry with Zach in school and the kids I won't be able to handle it all.  I guess we will see!  Anyways...I digress...the primary presidency was saying our goodbyes to the primary and giving our testimony's...needless to say it was emotional and more than one of us was crying.  As we are wrapping up and getting ready to say the closing prayer Zoe raises her hand.  Sis. Adams called on her and Zoe said: " If my Grandma was here today, she would be crying too...and she wouldn't be able to STOP!!"  Awwww...Grandma...we love and heart you so.  And your grandkids know you so well!  It made for a happy ending... :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Soccer Season Begins!

Today was the first day of soccer games for the girls! Unfortunately both their games were at the exact same time so we had to seperate. Both the girls wanted Daddy to go to their we had to flip a coin...Brielle won and Daddy was suppossed to go to her game. But when Brielle saw how upset Zoe was she told Daddy and Zoe that Daddy could go to Zoe's game, because she likes it when Zoe is happy. She said that Zoe helps her all the time, and this time she could help Zoe. ( How AWESOME are my girls!?) Both girls played REALLY hard. Brielle only had 4 players so she played the whole game and was tired at the end. She was very agressive and got knocked down a lot, but each time she got back up and went back after the ball. She even stopped a couple of goals with her awesome defense! The opposing coach was so impressed that he came over and told her what an awesome player she was!!! I didn't get to see Zoe's game, but Zach said she was Fantastic. He said she was a little tentative at first, running alongside the opposing girls, but Zach pulled her aside and said it was ok to bump them off the ball. It was a light clicked...after that it was all she wrote!!! Zach reports that she even flattened a girl twice her size and took the ball from her. Coach Emily said it was AMAZING! As the game wore on, everyone was getting tired...but Zoe just ran faster and harder, and was cutting through the defense like a hot knife through butter. Both girls are improving so much and Zach and I LOVE to go watch them play and have a good time! Maybe next time there will be goals scored and frozen yogurt had...???!!! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday Night at the Ripley's!!!

So Monday was a different day for us. Zach finished taking a huge neuro/bio test and so came home early!!! HOOORAYYY!!! So we took advantage and Zach and the kids went out onto our newly mowed lawn and played some soccer! The girls are getting so big, it was lots of fun watching them play. Afterwards we had dinner, and then the neighbor boys asked zach to play basketball with them. So we put FHE on hold to watch Daddy play. Zoe was Zach's personal cheerleader...kale helped by getting in the way while he played in the puddles. :) Afterwards we drove to Dairy Queen and read stories from the friend for FHE. It's one of our favorites...All in in all it was a great day. The best part was getting to spend some much needed time with Zach! :)

Easter 2012

These are a little late, but here are some pics from Easter morning! The kids woke up and had a blast picking up the candy and finding the eggs that the Easter Bunny left. Kale picked up REAL fast how the candy thing worked...the hardest part was keeping him from putting all the candy in his mouth! After all the candy and egg hunting it was time for church. The kids wore the new dresses that grammie made for them, they were so pretty!!! Zach just has one request for next glitter on the dresses!!!!! It stuck to everything! :) Zach says he looked like he went to a strip club first and THEN went to church! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh well...they looked good!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Getting Ready for Easter!!!

Today was a busy day for the Ripley clan...Zach left in the morning to go study for a HUGE neuro test that he has monday...and the rest of us went to go try out the easter egg hunt at the high school football field. While the kids had fun, they were kind of disappointed that after sitting through the hosting church's sermon that when it came time for the egg hunt they only got 3 eggs a piece. Probably won't attend next year, hoping to maybe put on our own. :) The rest of the day was spent playing outside, riding bikes and playing with the next door neighbors new black lab puppy Maddie. Zach was able to come home to watch to watch the kids dye easter eggs. Zoe and Brielle are pro's and had tons of fun. Zach and I spent most of the time trying to keep Kale from making of mess of things. We finally gave him a plastic cup of water with a spoon and plastic egg to he could "dye" his own egg. Unfortunately he caught on after a while...but it was fun while it lasted.