Monday, April 23, 2012

Zoe's Funny Moment of the Day:     So today I got released as 1st counselor in the primary presidency and put in as secretary in the R.S. presidency. ( AHHHH! I'm freaking out!)  It was bittersweet, I've really enjoyed my calling and LOVED being with the girls more, but I worry with Zach in school and the kids I won't be able to handle it all.  I guess we will see!  Anyways...I digress...the primary presidency was saying our goodbyes to the primary and giving our testimony's...needless to say it was emotional and more than one of us was crying.  As we are wrapping up and getting ready to say the closing prayer Zoe raises her hand.  Sis. Adams called on her and Zoe said: " If my Grandma was here today, she would be crying too...and she wouldn't be able to STOP!!"  Awwww...Grandma...we love and heart you so.  And your grandkids know you so well!  It made for a happy ending... :)

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