Friday, August 29, 2008

A to Z fun!!! Courtesy of Danni :)

Danni tagged me on her post! ( I felt very special..Zach didn't think it was me though...silly boy.) I thought this was clever so I did it, but for some reason there is no "P" so just pretend! I would love to anybody's list who does it!

A Little Fun From A to Z

A = ADVOCATE FOR: Helping Out Family
B = BEST FEATURE: Ummm, depends on who you ask..I'll say my legs. Zach would say..... :)
C = COULDN'T DO WITHOUT: Zach, Zoe, Brielle, electricity and indoor plumbing
D = DREAMS AND DESIRES: Be an Awesome Mom, Get Zach through Medical School and have our house be the "holdiay" house.
E= ESSENTIAL ITEM: Bra (sorry I hope that isn't inappropriate, but its the truth)
G= GOOD AT: Giving Injections!!!!, not a bad cook either.
H = HAVE NEVER TRIED: sushi or skydiving
I = IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: Pay off all our debt, build a house, go on an awesome vacation and then give some to family.
J = JUNKIE FOR: cheesecake and Ice Cream
K = KINDRED SPIRIT: All my Sisters!!! I miss you guys!
L = LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I have a Spanish Tutor
M = MEMORABLE MOMENT: Sept. 6, 2003...and basically all of BYU-I experience!
N = NEVER AGAIN WILL I: Try having a baby without an epidural!!!
Q = QUOTE: "Captain, Iceburg Ahead!!"---------Sid the Sloth
R = REASON TO SMILE: Zach, Zoe,Brielle, ALL Family, We're all basically healthy
S = SORRY ABOUT: Many things...
T = TAG SOME FRIENDS: Tashina, Nachelle, Celeste, Stacie, Kristine
U = UNINTERESTED IN: People who never outgrown High School.
V = VERY SCARED OF: Spiders and Freak Accidents
W = WORST HABIT: wishing for the next thing to happen and not enjoying the moment I'm in
X = X MARKS MY IDEAL VACATION SPOT: Anywhere right now, We miss home and would LOVE to go there...but if we're really dreaming Zach really wants to go to England, I would like to see Italy.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

All Tuckered Out

So we've been trying to ween (is that spelled right???) Zoe off naps because she doesn't go to sleep until after 11:00 p.m. when she gets one. Well, I was working late one night and Zach had just finished getting Zoe some dinner and was working on Brielle's when he walked into the dinning room and saw this! :)

All Dressed Up!!

Just some cute pics of the girls playing dress up together. Zoe was a fairy godmother and Brielle was Snow White. I can't believe how big they are!!!

Dance Recital...Getting Ready!!!

How cute is Zoe!!!!??? This is her getting ready to go to her big dance recital!!! The teacher requested that we do makeup and a bun for the recital, so mom did some mascara and light light pink eyeshadow. But man...Daddy kinda freaked out when he saw her all dolled up. Started rambling about how she better not look like this in High School. I told him not to worry...she would look like this in middle school. :) (Aren't I a nice wife. Ha Ha) Anyways we got some pics of us with her...but as you can tell Mom was kinda camera happy and snapping a lot of pics and Zoe was done with you can tell from the last one here! It was so much fun though!!

Zoe's Solo

This is Zoe's "mini" solo. All the kids got a chance to run out and do something during their jazz piece. Unfortunately right as Zoe runs out there a lady stands up right in front of you don't get to see much. But it's still cute, she runs around in some circles and wears sunglasses!

Big Dance Recital Cont'd

Here is the Ballet piece that they did for her recital. Zoe is in the very front with her back turned to us. If you need another reference,she is also the one who is last to run to her place on the wall. My favorite part in the very beginning where they are tapping their foot on the ground...and when they jump around you might be able to hear Zoe say "Criss Cross Applesauce" because that is how they learned to jump...and she used it in the recital too! How cute is she???

Big Dance Recital Cont'd

This is Zoe with some of her dance friends Brinly and Sidney. The one below is of her with her dance teacher Miss Amy. It was a great experience and Zoe had such a good time. She starts again in Sept and it goes until JUNE!!! Miss Amy really was great...I don't think she made any money off of the class because she bought all the girls gum, two roses, a ribbon wand and a ballet skirt!!! So much FUN!!!!