Sunday, June 28, 2009

Last Minute Trip Home!!!!

 work was REALLY slow and we decided on a crazy whim that we needed a break...Zach especially from studying for the try and drive the 16 hours home. Zach and the kids stayed for a little over a week while I flew back on Sunday for work the next week. We had so much fun and I was SOOOOOO happy to see my sisters! Nachelle was crazy busy with the outage, but i got to see her a little and my beautiful pregnant sister Celeste...ahhh i'm so jealous of how cute she is. Anyways, above are mainly pics of the kids and all the many animals and activities that they did. Unfortuantely I think we have country kids, who LOVE to play outside, and get dirty. Maybe one day we'll be done with Vegas and have our own big green backyard!!!! P.S. My favorite pic is of the one where Brielle feeds Max her cereal and when Zoe and Brielle are feeding Sis. Gayda's Llamas. Such fun!!!