Thursday, April 17, 2008

Zoe & Brinley: New BFF's

Here are two girls who could not be more alike! (Both girls are 3 going on 16, much to Daddy's dismay. ) Zoe finally has found a new friend to hang out with! It has been hard since Kiana left!!! She has other friends, but none that could go to the park during the day etc etc. ( We miss you Kiana!!!!) But we met Brinley and her mom at the library...over and over again so we finally decided to exchange numbers and get together!!! It has been KISMET since. Here are some pictures of them at the Zoo here in Las Vegas. ( Well it's kind of ghetto, but the kids had lots of fun!) They even took the liberty of sharing their pretzles with the box turtles in the above picture. Poor Cami (Brinley's mom) had to climb in the pen and get them! They both LOVED the lions! It was finally on our THIRD pass to see if the lion would wake up and SURPRISE, there turned out to be TWO lions! They had lots of fun, and do every time they get you can see from the first pic. Our very own princesses right here in Las Vegas!!!

Zoe's Self-Done Hair Cut!!!

So I'm sure all of you have heard by now, but a couple weeks ago, Zoe decided it would be fun to cut her hair. Here's what happened, I believe it happened on Easter..but we didn't know it at the time. We had got home from church and I put Zoe's hair in a quick ponytail to get it out of her face. ( It was the first time I was finally able to do that!!) Anyways, the day goes by without incident. I notice at night her ponytail is starting to fall out, no big deal, that always happens. We put her to bed. The next morning she is in her "temple" and Zach goes to play with her and he notices the above picture. HAIR EVERYWHERE!!! He freaked!!! "ZOE what did you do????" She replies, " I cute my hair LAST night Daddy!" When Zach asks her why, she said she wanted to look like Giselle. ( The princess from the movie Enchanted) Long story short, it turns out she had gone downstairs, got the scissors out of the BACK of the drawer, taken them upstairs and cut her hair the night before. Luckily since it was in a ponytail she missed the top layer of hair. In the picture above I'm lifting up her top layer so you can see the damage done. Oh well. We laugh now. I think every girl cuts their hair, or in my case, my siblings hair.!! ( Sorry Tashina!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

EASTER 2008!!!

This is our Easter!!! Zoe and Brielle are modeling some Easter dresses from Grandma. The next couple are of Zoe with her Easter loot and her and Daddy finding candy and eggs together that they Easter Bunny left!!!! I think Zoe's favorite part of Easter was...the CANDY!!! (Tashina, who does that remind you of??? :) )

Easter Carnival

So this is the Easter Carnival that we took Zoe to in Summerlin! They had so much stuff, and all of it for just $5!!!! She got her face painted, went to the petting Zoo, jumped in the castle bouncy house and even got a picture with her favorite charecter ever.... LITTLE CRITTER!!!!

Mom's New Haircut!

So here is my new haircut, courtesy of Zach! It actually doesn't look to bad! My dilemma is I only want Shannon to do my hair, and since she is in Washington that is not really possible, and I really needed a trim!! So Zach cut off all the yucky's for me. This actually isn't a very good pic, but you get the idea of how short I went!

Real Life Sized Doll!

So this is what Zoe and Brielle play together! Brielle patiently sits while Zoe dresses her up in various outfits. Even though they are 3 years apart, they still have fun playing together! Brielle is already crawling trying to keep up with her big sister, and she is working on standing alone. She can pull herself up on things and stand with help...but it won't be long and then mom will be REALLY busy!

First Day of Sunbeams!!!!

Here is Zoe on her first day of Sunbeams!!! ( I know it's a little late) I can't believe when we moved here she wasn't even two yet!!! She has a great time with her teacher Sis. Wiley and singing time is her FAVORITE! Her current favorite songs are "Popcorn Popping", "This Month is such a special One", and "If the Savior Stood Beside Me."