Saturday, April 7, 2012

Getting Ready for Easter!!!

Today was a busy day for the Ripley clan...Zach left in the morning to go study for a HUGE neuro test that he has monday...and the rest of us went to go try out the easter egg hunt at the high school football field. While the kids had fun, they were kind of disappointed that after sitting through the hosting church's sermon that when it came time for the egg hunt they only got 3 eggs a piece. Probably won't attend next year, hoping to maybe put on our own. :) The rest of the day was spent playing outside, riding bikes and playing with the next door neighbors new black lab puppy Maddie. Zach was able to come home to watch to watch the kids dye easter eggs. Zoe and Brielle are pro's and had tons of fun. Zach and I spent most of the time trying to keep Kale from making of mess of things. We finally gave him a plastic cup of water with a spoon and plastic egg to he could "dye" his own egg. Unfortunately he caught on after a while...but it was fun while it lasted.


THE BOWMAN'S said...

Wow...remember the egg hunt we went to down in Henderson? "I can roll this cast iron pan into a burrito!" it's good to see you back, your kiddos are getting so big and it's fun to catch up a little bit.

Ripley Family said...

I totally remember that easter egg hunt...went to another "church" hunt down here this the year...interesting. Apparently if you let pastor for you the angles would put your name down in the book of God RIGHT then and when we all die we can PARTAAAYYYY! up in heaven together. ...lovely...:)