Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break

Well it's only been like 3 years since I updated goal is to start posting a little something each day so it can be kind of like our family journal. We recently went back home to WA for Spring Break. It was lots of fun! The kids got to ride a quad, go swimming and their favorite was probably picking out a new puppy. Brielle's is named Lexie, and Zoe's is named Ziva. They were 7 weeks old when we got them on 03.31.2012.


Maren B said...

So, wait-- did you bring the dogs home and now you have puppies at your house to potty train and everything?!

Ripley Family said...

No Maren...we left them at Grandpa and Grandma's...:) It's the best of both worlds...grandpa and grandma let the kids pick them out and let them call them theirs...but really they are grandpa and grandma's... :)